321 Slammer Membership Information
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Cellphones, cameras and other recording devices are not allowed.

Types Of Memberships

Two membership types are available: One-Time and Three-Month. Both types of memberships require the completion of our membership application, available in the lobby upon your arrival. If you would like to print the application to read and complete prior to your visit, download the 321 Slammer Membership Application here. Bring the completed form with your cash payment and photo ID to the window attendant.

If you already have a valid three-month membership card, you do not need to complete the application.

One-Time Memberships are valid for one visit, from the time you enter until the time you leave. One-time members must complete the membership application on each visit. Present your completed form, cash payment and valid photo ID at the window to sign in.

Three-Month Memberships include a membership card valid for 90 days. You must have your membership card and ID on every visit to receive member entry rates. Membership information cannot be looked up. If you have a membership card, but do not have it with you, you must complete the membership application and pay for a one-time visit or purchase a new three-month membership. Present your membership card, valid ID and cash payment at the window to sign in.

Rewards Program

If you're a frequent or even occasional visitor, ask the window attendant for a 321 Slammer Rewards card. For each visit, your card will be stamped and, after 10 visits, the next is free. The cards do not expire. One Rewards Card is allowed per member at any time. Multiple cards cannot be combined and they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

In/Out Passes

If you wish to leave and come back later, you may purchase an In/Out Pass for $5 at the window as you exit. The pass allows you one re-entry in a two hour period. If you leave without purchasing a pass or if your pass has expired, you must pay the full rate for re-entry.

To re-enter with a valid In/Out Pass, bring the pass, your ID and your membership card (if applicable) to the front window upon arrival.

General Club Rules

A valid, government-issued photo ID is required for entry at all times. ID must be original. No photos or photocopies will be accpeted. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to enter at any time. Membership information for existing cards cannot be looked up. Lost or forgotten membership cards will result in the member paying the one-time rate or purchasing a new membership.

  1. No cellphones, cameras or other recording devices are allowed inside the club. Anyone found in posession of any cellphone or recording device will be escorted out.
  2. Prostitution in any form, whether real or perceived, is prohibited on or adjacent to the club's premises.
  3. The posession, transfer of, or sale of any illegal drugs on the club's premises is strictly prohibited.
  4. Absolutely no firearms or weapons of any type may be carried onto the club's premises.
  5. Any form of disruptive behavior such as, but not limited to, loud noise, fighting, or violent activity is not permitted.
  6. Disruptive behavior and/or harrassment of other members or staff will not be tolerated.
  7. Posession of any unregistered alcoholic beverages or any other prohibited items, including non-alcoholic beverages not purchased at the club and/or food items is prohibited.
  8. Tampering with or causing damage to 321 Slammer property will result in membership termination and immediate expulsion.

Anyone found in violation of any of the rules listed above will result in immediate expulsion and/or termination of your membership. Management and staff reserve the right to deny entry to or remove any member or guest from the premesis at any time.